VOTE VOTE VOTE or maybe not

The left the right the middle, yep all the bloody same. Cannot be arsed to even vote for these cocksuckers, nothing changes, they all talk shit and line their own pockets along with their buddies. It is the same old story for sure, nothing ever changes and nothing ever will.

But we do have a vote so i think we should use it. If all the none voters of the world, and there are loads of us, voted for a real Eco Green type party then we could sweep them into power. I mean, it would just be better if anyone else got into power would it not? You do not have to be green or an eco warrior, but surley these lot could not do worse than the idiots we have in now.

Take Egypt for example, of late there has been mass demonstrations, with the worlds media all over it, people dying, people imprisoned and a whole lot of heartache. Yet only about 50% of them actually voted. The other half (apart maybe of some not being counted) are a bit like me and perhaps you and just cannot be fucked with it all. Now if they all went out and voted for a green or eco friendly party, i think they would have won. Now what a turn up for the books that would be, what the hell would Fox, BBC and CNN have to say about that then.

Use your vote just to get these Knobs out the way and it would freak the hell out of any green or eco party that would win, its worth it just to see that i think.

I will probably forget to vote anyway as the im sure a Football game, the Kardashians or shopping for shit at a shit mall, will take over my life. This being the case forget all of the above it is just B-LLOCKS.

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